Natasa is a versatile artist in the Bollywood industry, excelling as a model, actor, dancer, and film producer

She has showcased her talents in various Indian films, including "Satyagraha" in Hindi, "Arima Nambi" in Tamil, and "Dana Kayonu" in Kannada.

Natasa gained additional fame through her appearances on the popular TV show "Bigg Boss" and in Hindi and Punjabi music videos

Her most renowned music video collaboration was with rapper Badhshah, titled 'DJ Waley Babu

Hardik Pandya, a cricketer, met his future wife at a party hosted by a mutual friend. Despite her initial lack of knowledge about him

they struck up a conversation that changed their lives.

Natasa took a break from her professional career after giving birth to her first child in June 2020. Since then

 she has not appeared in movies, web series, modeling shoots, or music videos.

Hardik Pandya proposed to Natasa on a private boat on January 1, 2020, marking a significant moment in their relationship

Despite their low-key wedding, Hardik Pandya and Natasa continue to capture the public's attention with their love story and personal milestones

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