Mohammed Siraj's Historic Feat 

Discover how Mohammed Siraj made history in the Asia Cup 2023 final by taking four wickets in a single over

A Landmark Moment 

The Asia Cup 2023 final witnessed an extraordinary display of pace and precision by Siraj, setting a historic milestone

Exclusive Club 

Siraj joins an elite group of bowlers, including Chaminda Vaas, Adil Rashid, and Mohammad Sami, who have achieved this rare feat.

Chaminda Vaas (Sri Lanka)

– Chaminda Vaas was the first to achieve this feat in 2001, leaving Zimbabwean batsmen in dismay.

Adil Rashid (Afghanistan)

Adil Rashid bamboozled Irish batsmen in 2019, securing four wickets in a T20I over.

Mohammad Sami (Pakistan)

– Mohammad Sami's fiery pace and accuracy in 2002 rattled New Zealand's batting order.

Siraj's Heroics 

Siraj's remarkable performance continued as he took a total of five wickets during the Asia Cup 2023 final

The Historic Over 

Siraj's historic over began with the wicket of a Sri Lankan opener, followed by three more wickets, creating excitement among fans and cricketers

Siraj's Journey 

Mohammed Siraj's journey from a humble background to becoming an international cricket sensation is marked by dedication and hard work


Mohammed Siraj's historic feat serves as a symbol of inspiration, reminding us that dreams can be realized through talent and perseverance in the game of cricket and in life.

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